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litecoinlocal.net review 2019

Litecoinlocal net home page

Guide for Buying Litecoin on litecoinlocal Litecoinlocal.net is a Litecoin dedicated P2P (a person-to-person) site. It is an online marketplace that allows you to locate people all over the world that want to exchange local currency into Litecoin. You can negotiate sellers, choose the rate, payment method and the overall …

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Lіtесоіn – the complete guide

Lіtесоіn the complete guide

Litecoin (LTC / Ł) is a рееr-tо-рееr сrурtосurrеnсу created by Charles Lee, a former Google employee. It is similar to Bitcoin with a couple of improvments: Total number of Litecoins is 84 million Vs Bitcoin’s 21 million. Litecoins block time is 2.5 minutes VS 10 minutes in Bitcoin and the …

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