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how to buy bitcoin in Argentina

Buy Bitcoin in Argentina

This post will cover the various options available to buy Bitcoin, as well as other currencies, in Argentina. We will review different methods of purchasing the cryptocurrency in Argentina. Some are anonymous and some require identification. Here you can find more information about maintaining your privacy when you purchase Bitcoin …

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Bitcoin anonymity guide

Bitcoin anonymity guide 2019

The Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger and every transaction is recorded. Therefore despite the common opinion Bitcoin itself cannot be considered anonymous. Despite all of the above, you can still take a number of steps to ensure that your currencies and operations remain confidential. Please note that this post …

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Wall of Coins review

wallofcoins buy Bitcoin without Identification

Wall of Coins operates since early 2017. It is a Us only crypto exchange based out of Florida, United States. Wall of Coins has a good reputation and is considered a reliable exchange. It was never hacked and it has a large client base. The exchange doesn’t have a lot …

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Lamassu Bitcoin ATM machines review

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM machines

Lamassu is one of the oldest manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs. Owned by Zach & Josh Harvey, the company first revealed their cryptocurrency ATMs at a conference in San Jose during 2013. Since Jan 2019 Its headquarters are located in Luzern, Switzerland, but ATMs are manufactured and shipped from Portugal. According …

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Bitcoin Casinos

If you have any comments or questions about crypto don't hesitate to contact us. Keep your coins safe! Remember that it's not safe to leave large sums of money on any cryptocurrency exchange. That means you are leaving your money in someone else’s wallet. The best choice is a hardware …

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How Bitcoin is being transferred?

How Bitcoin is transferred

A Bitcoin transaction is encrypted and digital. The transaction is signed by the sending/outgoing wallet. Then it is broadcast on the internet and listed on the Block Explorer log that keeps track of all bitcoin transactions. This log is divided into blocks. Once a block is locked (in average every …

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LocalBitcoins.com review

localbitcoins.com person to person bitcoin trading exchange main

LocalBitcoins is a P2P (person-to-person or peer-to-peer) exchange. It was one of the first P2P Bitcoin exchanges, and is the largest one today.   Buyers and sellers of Bitcoin can agree on the deal term and LocalBitcoins can be used as escrow.   Payment methods LocalBitcoins allows for any payment …

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