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How to Make Money writing about Bitcoin

bitcoin logoThere are plenty of ways to make money with the Bitcoin gold rush. One of the easiest ways is writing about the crypto world.

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Since the cryptocurrency industry is relatively young, you don’t get a lot of websites or blogs that cover the crypto world. Interest in crypto just keeps on growing and the demand for good cryptocurrency content is increasing all the time.

You can make a very nice income writing informational content for websites, or being active on crypto forums.


Open your own blog or website

If you have the passion for it, you can also open your own website or blog. The main difference is that a blog platform is free.

Provide good content to your visitors and try focusing on one market or coin performance. When you get enough visitors on your site you can monetize the traffic with Bitcoin referral links and advertisements.

You can read more about the best Bitcoin affiliate and referral programs here.


Choose one topic to write about.

The best strategy is building a blog around one topic or one keyword that you think might be profitable.
The next step is creating quality content with a good social backing. You create long articles and funnel your traffic to the affiliate sites.

This strategy of creating high converting articles that promote affiliates will, in time, get you google rankings and years of passive income.


How much can I earn from writing on Bitcoin and alts?

There is no limit to your income. Bitcoin sites, exchanges and wallet providers pay big money to affiliates.


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Remember that it’s not safe to leave large sums of money on any cryptocurrency exchange. That means you are leaving your money in someone else’s wallet. The best choice is a hardware wallet such as Trezor or Ledger. Click here to read our Guide to Bitcoin and Altcoins wallets 2019.

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