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litecoinlocal.net review 2019

Guide for Buying Litecoin on litecoinlocal

Litecoinlocal.net is a Litecoin dedicated P2P (a person-to-person) site. It is an online marketplace that allows you to locate people all over the world that want to exchange local currency into Litecoin.

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You can negotiate sellers, choose the rate, payment method and the overall terms of the deal.

Register an account

Go to litecoinlocal home page and click on the SIGN UP link on the upper right side.

Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019

Fill in the short form and go back to your email to confirm the registration.

Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019

Search for sellers

Go to the main buyer search page, type desired location.

Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019

Choose if you want to buy online or if you want to buy with cash.

Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019

Pick an offer

You will see a table of all the applicable sellers. Find a deal that’s right for you and hit the buy button.

Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019

Contact the seller

You will see here the trade information and you can also chat with the seller.

Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019

The seller will send his Litecoin to the escrow account. It takes about 20 minutes to confirm.

Once the transaction is complete, send the money and click the MARK PAYMENT COMPLETE button.

*** Don’t send money or mark the payment as complete until the escrow transaction has been funded ***

The Litecoin should be added to your account now. If everything went well you can give the seller a positive rating.

If you are not satisfied you can click the OPEN A DISPUTE button, to contact LitecoinLocal customer support.


Withdraw Funds from litecoinlocal

You can withdraw your coins at any time from your LitecoinLocal wallet, with a minimum of 0.01 LTC.

In the the profile dropdown choose MY WALLET.

Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019


When you are on the wallet page,  tap on LTC.

Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019

Now all you have to do is paste your Litecoin personal wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw, and tap on the WITHDRAW button.Litecoinlocal-sign-up-678x381 litecoinlocal.net review 2019


You should be ready to prove your identity when buying Litecoin online and the payment method is reversible. When paying with cash you don’t have to prove your identity.

You must initiate and mark the payment within 24 hours, or 3 hours for online trades, otherwise the deal is cancelled.


To learn more about Litecoin click here.


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