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How to install and use Mycelium wallet

Mycelium user manual

Mycelium bitcoin wallet is recommended for both new and expert users. It is secure, easy to use and has a lot of interesting features.
This guide will demonstrate how to install and secure the wallet, how to send and receive bitcoins and more.

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Introduction to Bitcoin wallets

A Bitcoin wallet is a software/app that allows you to manage your digital currency. You must have a Bitcoin wallet of some kind in order to store, send and receive bitcoins.
A Bitcoin wallet also manages your Bitcoin addresses and private keys, and lets you access your transactions history.

Creating your wallet

Go to the Google Play (Android)
App Store (iOS)

and install Mycelium Wallet.

Wait for the download to finish and open the application

Choose “New wallet”.

the wallet is ready for use, however it is recommend securing the wallet, as follows.

Backup Mycelium Wallet

We recommend making a backup of the wallet:
Click on the three small squares in the top right of the screen.

Click on “backup”.

Now your wallet will show your recovery phrase, a list of 12 words, one at a time.

Write down the 12 words in the same order they appear.

Make sure you write them correctly!!!

We highly recommend not writing those words on a computer or sending them to an email account.

Mycelium wallet will now ask you to reenter the words to make sure that you wrote them down correctly

Secure Mycelium Wallet with a pin code

Click on the three small squares, located in the top right of the screen.
Choose “settings”
2 mycelium-bitcoin-wallet-settings

Click on “set pin code”.
3 mycelium-bitcoin-wallet-set-pincode

Type a numeric pin code.
4 mycelium-bitcoin-wallet-set-pincode-numeric

Now whenever you want to make a transaction or change settings, a pin code request will appear.

Don’t forget your code because without it you cannot use your bitcoin or access the seed.

Receiving Bitcoins

Go to the Balance tab and choose “Receive”.
5 mycelium-bitcoin-wallet-receiving-bitcoins

You can Request an amount by clicking on the keyboard icon under the words “Optional Amount”, however this is only an option
6 mycelium-bitcoin-wallet-receiving-bitcoins-address

Share your bitcoin address with the sender. You can do it in two ways:
The first is letting the sender scan your QR code.

The second is sharing your address using “Share Bitcoin Address” option. This will open all the sharing option in your phone prompting email whatsapp etc.

Now you have to wait for the sender to send you the bitcoins.
You can validate the funds received in the “Transactions” tab.
7 mycelium-bitcoin-wallet-receiving-bitcoins-transactions

NOTE: it takes about 10 minutes to receive one confirmation. You won’t be able to re-send those funds until 10 minutes after you’ve received at least one confirmation.

Sending Bitcoins

Go to the Balance tab and choose “Send”.
8 mycelium-bitcoin-wallet-receiving-bitcoins

Now you have three options to choose from:
the first and recommended way is Scanning the recipient’s QR code using “Scan QR Code”.
The second is pasting the recipient’s bitcoin address from your clipboard using “Clipboard”.
the third and not recommended is manually entering the bitcoin address using “Manual Entry”.
9 mycelium-bitcoin-wallet-sending-bitcoins

Once you entered the recipient’s address, you can enter the amount you want to send by clicking on the keyboard icon under “Enter Amount”.

You can choose the currency, BTC, usd and more.

NOTE: when making an online payment, the amount to send may appear automatically after scanning the QR code of the merchant.

After completing all these stages click “Ok” to return to the payment screen.
Verify again all the information.
Click “Send”.
Enter your PIN code to confirm the transaction.

How can I access my bitcoins if my phone was stolen or lost

If you are not in possession of your phone know that your bitcoins cannot be accessed easily without your PIN code.

However in this case it is recommended to reinstall the app, since no pin code is truly safe from hacking.

Follow these steps:
Download Mycelium to your new phone.
When opening the app for the first time, you are asked if you want to create a new wallet or recover a wallet.
Choose the recover wallet option.
10 recover-mycelium-bitcoin-wallet

You will be prompted to enter your recovery phrase.
After completion your wallet and your funds are restored.

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