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How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

Can you buy Bitcoin and Alts in 2019 without Identification? Yes, there are still quite a few channels to buy and sell Bitcoin without any Identification, complicated KYC/AML procedures and waiting for account to be approved.

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What is KYC?


KYC – Know Your Customer – is a procedure that a business uses to validate its customers identity. KYC usually means gathering several of the customer’s identification documents: government-issued cards, address and utility bills to prove it, phone numbers, email etc.

In some cases the company will ask the customer to make a selfie holding a formal document near his face. With time this becomes a crypto industry standard.

The most popular way to buy Bitcoin without Identification is using a Bitcoin Atm, However most of this post is dedicated to decentralized peer-to-peer trading platforms.


Bitcoin Atms


Lamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without IdentificationThis is the most straightforward way to buy and sell Bitcoin or Alts for cash. A Bitcoin ATM is an automatic machine, no Identification required and the process can be completed in minutes.

How do you locate a bitcoin ATM?  There are two leading sites dedicated to that purpose: CoinAtmRadar and BitcoinAtmMap. The two services offer a Bitcoin ATM map service.

Read our Bitcoin ATM 2019 guide and learn how to locate a bitcoin ATM, how do you actually buy the coins and how much fee will you pay.


P2P trading platforms


wallofcoinsLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

Wall of Coins is a peers-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoin. The exchange, established at the beginning of 2017, is based in the United States and currently does not service any other countries. All trades are cash-based (no cerdit cards) and  the exchange also does not offer leveraged trading. Read Wall of Coins full review.


Hodl HodlLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P (peer-to-peer) Bitcoin exchange, were users trade directly with each other. It doesn’t hold user’s funds, locking it in multisig escrow instead. Because Hodl Hodl does not hold any money it is not subject to complex compliance procedures, so users can trade without having to submit identity documents – no KYC/AML procedures.
You can trade Bitcoin and Litecoin in any location in the world, use any payment method, and be paid in any currency. maximum fee is 0.6% per trade.


totalcoinLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

Totalcoin is a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange, providing services of exchanging virtual currency against a fiat currency.


coincolaLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

CoinCola’s OTC cryptocurrency trading platform allows people around the world to use their local FIAT currency to buy and sell bitcoin and Alts. Trading is done on a person-to-person basis and transactions are completed via secure online escrow.


mycelium local traderLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

Mycelium Local Trader is a decentralized in-person exchange that is built into the bitcoin wallet. The coins are stored locally in your wallet and local Trader only help arrange the trade between buyers and sellers. You receive your bitcoins to the address that was selected in your wallet when you initiated the trade. Each time a receive address is used, your wallet will switch to your next unused receive address of your HD Account automatically.



Lamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without IdentificationBisq

Bisq is another P2P application that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for national currencies. It is an open-source project and no registration is required.
Bisq uses a peer-to-peer network over Tor, providing a high degree of anonymity. Bisq also does not hold any bitcoins – they are held in multisignature addresses rather than a Bisq-controlled wallet. Also it does not hold any national currency. National currency is transferred directly from one trader to the other.



swapngoLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

SwapNGO is a web application where you can register and participate in placing bids on digital assets.



cryptomapLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification




cryptogemLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

cryptogem Global is a decentralised peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform where people around the globe can exchange their local currencies and e-monies to bitcoins. Buy/Sell orders for bitcoin are placed as advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for a particular trade.



liberalcoinsLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

liberalcoins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin and Altcoin trading website. They offer various payment options and Individuals can either transact locally with cash via face-to-face meetings, or internationally through a selection of wire and electronic payment methods. Sellers and buyers can negotiate market prices. There is also an option for instant and anonymous exchange between the cryptocurrencies that are available.



LocalCoinSwapLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

LocalCoinSwap also connects people from around the world to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Tether and over 20+ cryptocurrencies. With more than 250 payment methods and no KYC.



locallightningLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

Local Lightning is another service allowing local sellers and buyers of bitcoin to interact with each other. Users can meet in person to buy or sell Bitcoin with FIAT currencies. Since Lightning allows instant settlements, this allows both the buyer & seller to walk away as soon as cash is in hand and the transaction goes through. So there is no need to hold the transaction in escrow.



bitzlatoLamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identification

Bitzlato is a “cryptoplatform” combining Telegram-based P2P-exchange, full-fledged trading platform, merchant service, mining pool, and secure wallets.



Lamassu-Bitcoin-ATM-machines How to Buy Bitcoin without Identificationbuycrypto.today

Buycrypto today is a peer-to-peer crypto currency marketplace.

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Remember that it's not safe to leave large sums of money on any cryptocurrency exchange. That means you are leaving your money in someone else’s wallet. The best choice is a hardware wallet such as Trezor or Ledger. Click here to read our Guide to Bitcoin and Altcoins wallets 2019.

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