How to Buy Bitcoin in Europe

How to Buy Bitcoin in Europe

It is strongly recommended to use a hardware wallet. Ledger and TREZOR are currently the finest hardware wallets on the market.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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This post will deal with the different methods of buying Bitcoin in major European countries.

There are many methods for buying Bitcoin in Europe

Learn how to purchase Bitcoin in Europe in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way.

We will describe various methods for purchasing Bitcoin, whether through bank transfer, credit card, cash or PayPal and also through Alts, i.e. cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin.

The post includes references to the different methods, including step-by-step instructions on how to purchase Bitcoin or part of it.

Buying Bitcoin in Europe with a Bitcoin ATM

Unsurprisingly, Europe itself has a number of major crypto exchanges, offering different levels of liquidity, trading options, and leverage.

Also, you can find a very extensive deployment of Bitcoin ATMs in continental Europe, allowing Bitcoin to be purchased in a different way anonymously through cash or credit.

How to buy Bitcoin in Europe with wire transfer

How to buy Bitcoin in Europe with credit card

How to buy Bitcoin in Europe with cash

How to buy Bitcoin in Europe with PayPal

How to buy Bitcoin in Europe with Alts

First, get a Bitcoin wallet

Before you take the first step in buying Bitcoin you must have a Bitcoin wallet. Yes, you can store bitcoin on stock exchange wallets, but stock exchange wallets are held by a third party, which has access to your currencies at all times.

Therefore it is always advisable to hold large sums of money in a Bitcoin wallet under your control. A Bitcoin wallet lets you receive and send Bitcoins, store them for short or long periods, and most wallets also offer news and trading.

The best option is a hardware wallet, whether Ledger or Treasure. Read more in our Bitcoin Wallet Guide.

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