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Guide for choosing a Bitcoin casino

Guide for choosing a Bitcoin casino

Cryptocurrency technology has revolutionized and simplified many industries; one of them is online casinos.

In the past year new Bitcoin casinos are appearing all over the place. However With great benefits there are also great risks. Mainly, you need to know that you are depositing your Bitcoins in a legitimate business, so you can collect your winnings when you choose.

In this post you will learn what you need to check in a Bitcoin casino previous to transferring your Bitcoins!

What are the Bitcoin casino winning odds

When you start playing in an unfamiliar online Bitcoin casino, how can you be sure that that winning odds are what you are promised? Respected casinos are less inclined to cheat their clients because on the long terms it will kill the brand.

Is the Bitcoin casino multi-device compatible

Now days you can enjoy online gambling on a wide variety of devices –PCs, tablets and smartphones. Some casinos offer browser games using Flash or HTML5 technology. Not all casinos are compatible with every device, but know that a serious brand covers most possible devices.

Get familiar with the Bitcoin casino software

Most Casino software is controlled by few big companies that provide the software for casino operators, running different games. Some companies are strong in slots while others in table games. Most players have favorite software provider without even knowing it. Look for a software that’s suitable for your device and taste before you look for other features.

What is the Bitcoin casino Bonus program

All casinos give out welcoming bonuses. The standard is a 100% match on your first deposit. This is how you compare welcoming bonuses: compare the clearance rates, some bonuses will clear very fast while others will take a lot of play-through that you might never enjoy the bonus… Also, look for ongoing player rewards – reload bonuses, promotions and a point collection.

Does the Bitcoin casino demonstrate the results

An honest Bitcoin casino knows that as they are the “house” they earn enough so they will not have to rip of their clients by manipulating the results. An honest Bitcoin casino will demonstrate to its players how to check the results. Look at this example here.

Is the Bitcoin casino licensed & regulated

This is one of the first things you should look – is the Bitcoin casino licensed and regulated. This is a very important validating process. Look for the licensing certificate on the bottom of the home page. If a Bitcoin casino is licensed you can complain to the registrar and they will take firm action against this casino. also dont forget to check if it’s legal to gamble in your country

Does the Bitcoin casino offer support

How well is the online support for the Bitcoin casino? A serious Bitcoin casino will have several support channels – email, chat, social media profile etc. Before you start spending your Bitcoins at the casino you can test the customer service by simply contacting them with a question.

Good luck! and don’t forget to practice responsible gambling.

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