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General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machines review

General-Bytes-ATM-copy General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machines reviewGeneral Bytes is the world’s largest Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer. Based in Prague, Czech Republic and Bradenton, Florida, USA, they sell a range of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency products.

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According to General Bytes they have sold almost 3000 ATMs located in more than 63 countries. All machines operate on Android technology.

The company has four Bitcoin ATM solutions:



CORTEXPAY point of sale

RCKIT – Kit for robocoin hardware

Cryptocurrencies supported

All models supports more than 120 coins including major ones – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum. Operators can choose which cryptocurrencies to enable.

Buying Bitcion

General Bytes ATMs work 2 way – buying and selling coins. Buying Bitcoins or alts is simple and done using a QR code, or email address.

Selling Bitcion

Selling Bitcoin can be done from an exchange or from a wallet. The company supports several exchanges.

KYC/AML features

General Bytes machines supports hardware-customer-identification by: Fingerprint scanning, Scanning ID documents and SMS.

ATMs Support

The company’s philosophy is that existing clients are more important than new customers and they are eligible for product upgrades and support until it’s technically possible.
you can contact the company by email at support@generalbytes.com or by phone using any of the numbers listed on the contact page. Also you can use the support desk. Note that phone call support is a paid service. You can also join General Bytes Telegram channel https://t.me/generalbytes for new releases.

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