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Check if it’s legal to gamble in your country

Check if its legal to gamble in your country

Online casinos have developed and become the most popular platform for gambling, and Bitcoin casinos are the new hot thing. Since it’s a fast developing industry, legality issues alternate and affect you as a player and not just the service provider.

If you are a stranger to internet gambling laws, which vary from one country to another, there are a few ways you can find out more:

Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

Bitcoin gambling is legal where Fiat (USD,Euro etc.) currency gambling is legal. Bitcoin gambling has not been subjected to different legislation yet, so Bitcoin gambling is another type of funding. It is Possible that in the future there will be special legislation for Bitcoin gambling.

Check your country’s online gambling law

Check your government’s laws regarding internet gambling. Today this information is posted online for everyone to read. You can google your country’s name plus government and find your government information portal. Then just search gambling or gambling law inside the portal. Or, you can google the topic and find other legitimate information sources. Also, in most places you can contact your city council for more detailed information.
If your country’s gambling laws ban some activities, check the nature of the prohibition. Check if it concerns local gambling operators or international gambling operators.

Ask your online Bitcoin casino

A reputable Online Bitcoin casino should be updated when it comes to gambling laws. Go to your chosen Bitcoin casino and check the restricted territories or supported country’s section. If you can’t find this info you can email the casino and ask if it serves players from your country. Every casino has a contact email at the footer. And, Since all online casinos offer 24 hour support fill free to contact the casino by phone. They will be more than happy to help you.

Read online gambling news or forums

Stay informed regularly by reading industry news at gambling news sites. These sites will announce any minor changes made to gambling laws.

Good luck!¬†and don’t forget to¬†practice responsible gambling.


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