Best desktop Bitcoin wallets

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It is strongly recommended to use a hardware wallet. Ledger and TREZOR are currently the finest hardware wallets on the market.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

This post is dedicated to Desktop Bitcoin wallets, the kind that you manage on your PC computer.

First, what are Hot wallets?

hot wallets are Bitcoin wallets that run on internet-connected devices. They are very convenient for daily use with small amounts but aren’t considered as secure as Hardware wallets, especially for large sums that you keep for long periods.

Here are some popular Desktop wallets.


greenaddress bitcoin wallet

GreenAddress is an open-source and user-friendly Bitcoin wallet. You can store, send, and receive coins using both your mobile (Android & iOS) and desktop (through Chrome).

GreenAddress is considered one of the most secure digital currency wallets on the market and supports some of the world’s leading exchanges, such as BitStamp and Kraken. Read GreenAddress Bitcoin full wallet review.

GreenAddress Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Core

bitcoin core bitcoin wallet


bither bitcoin wallet


armory bitcoin wallet


electrum bitcoin wallet


copay bitcoin wallet


bitgo bitcoin wallet


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