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A list of Bitcoin Organizations and Institutions

The Bitcoin Foundation

The Bitcoin Foundation is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2012 in the US, after bitcoin got some bad reputation. The foundation helps to create awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin and how to use it. Its vision is that Bitcoin will be a globally accepted method of exchanging. you can read the Bitcoin foundation manifesto here

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Bitcoin Argentina

Bitcoin Argentina is a non-profit organization that began its activities in 2013. Their mission is to promote and develop knowledge and adoption of new decentralized technologies in today’s society.

Bitcoin Assoc Poland

The Polish Bitcoin Association was established to increase public awareness and access to knowledge about digital technology represented by Bitcoin. The Association’s activities are guided by the idea of disseminating knowledge and using Bitcoin as a publicly available transaction means.



Bitcoin Austria

Bitcoin Austria was founded in 2011. The organization promotes and supports the distribution of the digital currency Bitcoin in Austria. They also organize information events, promote the exchange of ideas between Bitcoin interested parties, provide services and support innovative Bitcoin project ideas .


Bitcoin Assoc Sweden

Swedish Blockchain Association (SBA) is a non-profit organization with a vision to make Sweden blockchain ready with the needed education, resources and opportunities.



Bitcoin Assoc Israel

The purpose of the Israeli Bitcoin Association is to ensure that Israeli residents can make the most of the new Bitcoin technology, including additional cryptographic currencies.



Bundesverband Bitcoin

The Federal Association is Germany’s first lobby association for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They support the still young industry around the topic of decentralized applications of blockchain technology through expertise, public relations and our network. The association is located in Berlin and is organized on a voluntary basis.



College Crypto

The College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN) was formed as a hodgepodge of “Bitcoin Clubs” at Stanford, MIT, and the University of Michigan in early 2014 as a means to properly educate young people about the potential of this incredible new technology. The Network has since spread to every habitable continent, with well over 100 chapters, from Kenya to the Philippines, from middle schools to PhD programs.


MIT Bitcoin Club

A student organization at MIT focused on creating meaningful conversations and communities around the blockchain space.



ADCCA – Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association

Blockchain Australia aims to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and governments across Australia as a means to drive innovation in service delivery across all sectors of the economy.



Bitcoin Foundation Italia





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