BRD Bitcoin wallet review 2020

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This is a 2020 review of BRD Bitcoin wallet, including a step-by-step registration and set up guide.

BRD bitcoin wallet review 2020 logoBRD was initially lanced as BreadWallet in 2015. in 2017 it was rebranded Bread and in 2018 BRD, accompanied by an ICO for its token, BRD.


Great for beginners and advanced users

The wallet is recommended for beginners who are not always interested in advanced features such as links to exchanges or graphs and technical analysis. But it is also suitable for advanced users that want a wallet with basic features. I much prefer this style of wallet.

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Wallet safety is good

The wallet is considered a safe wallet. it has all the standard protections. its a non-custodial wallet (ie. you are the sole owner of your private keys).

This is of course with one reservation – a mobile wallet is designed for daily use for small amounts of money. Unlike a hardware wallet that is designed to store large sums of money.

The wallet can be restored using the string of words (the seed) you receive when you first set it up.


Storage and buying coins

you can send your Bitcoin and other currency from a stock exchange or a third party. you can also buy directly from the wallet by credit card. The company that clears the credit cards is Simplex, which is considered the world’s leading card clearing solution for crypto.


Crypto-currency support

On the purchase page you can purchase the following coins directly from the app:

BTC, ETH, XRP, ERC-20 Tokens.


Variety of Fiat coins

The wallet supports a fairly large variety of Fiat currencies:

Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Franc, Danish Krone, Euro, British Pound, Israeli Shekel, Japanese Yen, South Korean Won, Russian Ruble, Swedish Krona, US Dollars.


No connection to hardware wallets

The wallet does not support hardware wallets, such as Ledger or Trezor, but for the novice user, this is not a major drawback.


BRD Bitcoin wallet 2020 installation Guide


First, download the app at Google Play or App Store. The links are below:


Once you have downloaded the app you get a few promotional screens. Tap the Get started button.

 BRD Bitcoin wallet Installation Guide 2020 welcome screen

Set a pin code.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review set a pin code

Repeat the pin code.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review repeat pin code

BRD produces a paper wallet with a string of words (the seed). Write it down.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review seed

The words will appear separately on 12 different screens.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review words

Once you have written the seed words you will have to confirm some random words. You can also skip the confirmation and perform it later. not recommended.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review confirm seed

Once approved, you will be taken to the main screen. I did not approve the seed and I get alerted 🙂

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review main screen

Adding wallets is done just like in most mobile wallets. Choose the currency and tap Add.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review adding a wallet

This is the purchase screen. To buy a currency simply enter the amount and currency you want.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review buy bitcoin

You will receive a transaction summary prior to approval and reference to the credit card clearing.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review buy bitcoin transaction summary

To sell a coin tap on Buy/Sell, and at the top switch to Sell. Select BTC from the list and enter the amount you want to sell.  Select Bank Transfer and tap Next. Note: Selling bitcoin is only available in the US market at the moment.

BRD bitcoin wallet 2020 review sell bitcoins with BRD wallet


These are the key features of the wallet.


Thank you for reading.


Crypto for all!


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