Edge bitcoin wallet review 2020

It is strongly recommended to use a hardware wallet. Ledger and TREZOR are currently the finest hardware wallets on the market.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

This is a 2020 review of the Edge Wallet, including a step-by-step registration and set up guide.

edge bitcoin wallet

Edge wallet (former Airbitz) was released in 2018. Its a mobile-only multicurrency wallet that supports Android and iOS.

It is a simple wallet to use but still relatively rich in features. The user interface is wonderfully designed and easy to use.

Edge wallet suitable for beginner and advanced users

Because of the ease of use of the successful interface, the wallet is suitable for both beginner and advanced users. Account creation process takes less than a minute.

you can restore the wallet using a username and password. There’s no seed phrase.

Edge wallet crypto-currency support

Edge supports Bitcoin, altcoins and is one of a few mobile wallets that supports ERC-20 token

Edge wallet has several layers of protection

The private keys, username and password are not sent to company servers. Another recommended layer of protection is adding a 2 Factor from the setting manu.

Remember that this is a mobile wallet and as such it is not as secure as a paper wallet or hardware wallet. But as a mobile wallet, it is definitely considered to have a good level of security.

Edge wallet instant currency exchange

Another useful feature is integration with several stock exchanges, like Shapeshift, Changelley, which allows you to swap between coins with a swipe of a finger. The fee is based on that of the exchange.

Edge bitcoin wallet installation guide 2021

First, download the app at Google Play or App Store. The links are below:



This is the main screen you will see after installation. Tap on Create account.

tap on Get Started.

Choose a username. If the username is taken, you will be notified and just select another one.

Set a password. Must have at least 10 characters with one lowercase and one uppercase and one number.

Set a pin code. This is another layer of security.

A few more seconds …

We’re almost done. On this screen you can view the details you have set again, you can also take a photo but make sure you keep the details in a safe place.

One last step, check the boxes, of course after you read the terms 🙂

You’ve reached the main screen.

Choose your country so that the settings and suggestions are relevant to you.

Edge wallet how to buy crypto

Now if you click on buy, the options are relevant to the country of your choice.

Edge wallet how to sell crypto

Same goes for sale.

You can choose wallets for a variety of coins.

You can also choose from a variety of tokens.

Edge wallet how to swap crypto assets

You can also swap crypto assets. This is a really useful feature that lets you swap coins in wallets you’ve already set up on your device.

You simply select the Source wallet, and the Receiving wallet and type in the amount.

and now it’s looking for the best exchange rate…

These are the key features of the wallet.

Thank you for reading.


Crypto for all!

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