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Lamassu Bitcoin ATM machines review

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM machines

Lamassu is based in Portugal, were all its Bitcoin ATM models are manufactured. The company has four Bitcoin ATM models: : Sintra, Sintra Forte, Gaia and Douro II. The smallest machine weigh 25 kgs and can be wall-mounted or table-mounted. All models support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and …

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Buy Bitcoins with Debit & Credit Cards on Binance Exchange

Buy Bitcoins with Debit & Credit Cards on Binance Exchange

Binance is a crypto exchange that is focused on the Asian market, but also supports English users. Binance has a multi-language support: Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese and has all the major coins available: BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB etc. Trading fee is very low at around 0.1%. Binance is considered …

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Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange review 2019

coinbase home page

Coinbase is the world’s Biggest Bitcoin exchange, serving customers from more than 100 countries. The company is based in San Francisco and offers an exchange, a wallet and a developer API. Coinbase has high liquidity and high buying limits, and with its simple and intuitive user interface it is easy …

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Ledger Bitcoin hardware wallets

Ledger Nano S

Before you buy bitcoins or any other altcoins, you need a good wallet to safely store your digital money. Why hardware wallets are considered the best option? Hardware bitcoin wallets have some major advantages over software wallets, mainly the fact that your private keys are stored offline. Ledger has three …

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Bitcoin Exchanges 2019

This is a comprehensive list of worldwide major exchanges that trade Bitcoin and Alts. This list is not a recommendation, and you should take the time to learn each service pros and cons. You can use our individual exchange reviews.   But first, get a wallet! It is strongly advised …

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Bitcoin and Alts communities

If you are looking to find interesting writers, groups and communities related to Bitcoin and Alts, than this post will guide you in the right direction. Staying up to date in the crypto game has become a challenging task. There are numerous Different communities, each one with a different agenda. …

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A list of Bitcoin Organizations and Institutions

The Bitcoin Foundation The Bitcoin Foundation is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2012 in the US, after bitcoin got some bad reputation. The foundation helps to create awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin and how to use it. Its vision is that Bitcoin will be a globally accepted method of …

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CoinATMRadar review

Bitcoin ATM Map

This post is a review of CoinATMRadar, a website that compares more then 3500 ATMs worldwide.  Bitcoin ATMs are now installed all around the world, most of them in the United States (2233 ATMs), Canada (658 ATMs), Austria (228 ATMs) and United Kingdom (202 ATMs). What is a A Bitcoin ATM A …

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What is a Bitcoin ATM 2019 guide

Bitcoin ATM in Ottawa Wix Mart

A Bitcoin ATM (automatic teller machine) is a kiosk that allows the exchange of Bitcoin or Alts for cash. All Bitcoin ATMs sell Bitcoins and some Bitcoin ATMs also buy Bitcoins. Bitcoin ATMs are not ATMs in the traditional sense, they do not connect to any bank account but directly …

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CoinMate Bitcoin Exchange is registered in London and is a relatively new exchange. CoinMate serves European users and supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin transactions. CoinMate can be accessed through a web browser, or API for more advanced trading.   verification Like most exchange CoinMate has a know-your-customer process (KYC). To verify …

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Litecoinlocal net home page

Guide for Buying Litecoin on litecoinlocal is a Litecoin dedicated P2P (a person-to-person) site. It is an online marketplace that allows you to locate people all over the world that want to exchange local currency into Litecoin. You can negotiate sellers, choose the rate, payment method and the overall …

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Lіtесоіn – the complete guide

Lіtесоіn the complete guide

Litecoin (LTC / Ł) is a рееr-tо-рееr сrурtосurrеnсу created by Charles Lee, a former Google employee. It is similar to Bitcoin with a couple of improvments: Total number of Litecoins is 84 million Vs Bitcoin’s 21 million. Litecoins block time is 2.5 minutes VS 10 minutes in Bitcoin and the …

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Paxful review

Paxful Buy bitcoin home page

Paxful is a P2P (person-to-person or peer-to-peer) exchange. It is basically a platform for Bitcoin sellers and buyers from around the world, much like Local Bitcoins. How to register on Paxful On Paxful home page tap on CREATE ACCOUNT.     Fill in the short registration form and wait for a confirmation …

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CEX.IO affiliate program

Bitcoin Affiliate Program CEX IO (1)

Established in 2013, CEX.IO is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. CEX.IO affiliate program is considered a very fair and profitable one. You can read more about the exchange here.   How does it work CEX.IO affiliate program works the same as any other affiliate program: You share your personal referral link to …

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Bitcoin Web Hosting affiliate program Earn Free Bitcoins or Cash

This greate affiliate program pays you to promote services. The site offers privacy oriented web hosting, not requiring any personal information from customers that pay with Bitcoin, Western Union, or MoneyGram. Bitcoin Web Hosting provides anonymous shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting plans. For promoting the services you can …

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