How to update the applications on your Ledger Nano S device

Ledger Bitcoin Wallet Ledger Manager app

Your Ledger Manager displays the last version of the app available to download.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Note, This guide will not affect your coins, because your funds are not stored inside your device. After you updated the application it will synchronize all your information from the blockchain.

If you want to know which version you currently run on the Ledger Nano S before you download follow this guide:

On your Ledger device, open the application, for example the Bitcoin wallet

Press the right button to display the “About” option of the application

Press both buttons to open it

Now the version is displayed and if this version is lower than the one displayed on the Ledger Manager, you can update it.

How to update your applications

Uninstall the application

Confirm on the Ledger device if required

Reinstall the new version


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