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LocalBitcoins.com review

LocalBitcoins is a P2P (person-to-person or peer-to-peer) exchange. It was one of the first P2P Bitcoin exchanges, and is the largest one today.


Buyers and sellers of Bitcoin can agree on the deal term and LocalBitcoins can be used as escrow.

Payment methods
LocalBitcoins allows for any payment method, but cash deposit is the most popular one. you can choose the payment method on the dropdown manue sen bellow.


Limits – How much can you buy or sell
LocalBitcoins doesn’t have limits and you are free to decide on the amount and pricing.

What about Privacy
LocalBitcoins is a relatively private and even an anonymous way to buy bitcoins. The exchange does not require personal information besides an email address on signup. However, some sellers will ask you for and ID.

Supported Countries
LocalBitcoins is available almost all over the world, except Germany and the state of New York (due to the BitLicense).

LocalBitcoins charges a flat 1% fee on all trades. That is a low fee.

Customer Support
LocalBitcoins offers support via email and usually responds quickly.

A step-by-step guide on how to buy bitcoins using paypal on LocalBitcoins

step one: go to LocalBitcoins and choose a country and the amount of bitcoins you want to buy.

step two: From the list of seller you now see, choose the one you want.

step three: Check the sellers grades: when did he started using LocalBitcoins. How many confirmed trades he c0mpleted. whats his feedback score. How old is the account.

step four: Complete the buy. aprove the deal with a seller on the trade screen.




Start using LocalBitcoins.com.

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Don’t forget to get a wallet – Keep your coins safe!
ledger nano s bitcoin walletIt is strongly advised not to store your cryptocurrency on an exchange, only on a dedicated wallet that you own. Here you can read more about what is a Bitcoin Wallet.

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