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GreenAddress Bitcoin wallet review

GreenAddress Bitcoin Wallet

greenaddress GreenAddress Bitcoin wallet reviewGreenAddress is an open source and user-friendly Bitcoin wallet. You can store, send and receive coins using both your mobile (Android & iOS) and desktop (through Chrome).  The Green Address wallet is also available on Linux.

GreenAddress is a HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet, and uses new addresses for each incoming transaction. You can read more about HD wallets here.

GreenAddress is considered one of the most secure digital currency wallets on the market and supports some of the world’s leading exchanges, such as BitStamp and Kraken.

Like most Bitcoin wallets GreenAddress is free to install but the transactions are subject to changing miner’s fee.

How to send bitcoins with GreenAddress?

  • Click on the “Send Money” tab.
  • Enter the recipient’s address or scan their QR code.
  • Choose which wallet the funds will be drawn from.
  • You have the option of choosing “instant confirmation” check box (which solves the problem of “double spending” coins).

How to receive bitcoins with GreenAddress?

  • Click on the “Receive Money” tab.
  • You will see your bitcoin address and QR code.
  • Send this info the sender.

How can I get GreenAddress?

Chrome Web Store

App Store

Google Play


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