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Bitcoin and Alts communities

If you are looking to find interesting writers, groups and communities related to Bitcoin and Alts, than this post will guide you in the right direction.

Staying up to date in the crypto game has become a challenging task. There are numerous Different communities, each one with a different agenda. Here are some good places to start:

Bitcoin and Alts Forums

Bitcointalk this is the most famous bitcoin discussion forum, covering news, trading, technical issues, mining and much more.


Bitcoin.com a sirious and active forum oparated by the bitcoin.com news website.


bitcoingarden A new and developing cryptocurrency forum.


Bitco.in A community of developers and academics.


Bitcoin Stack Exchange This forum is a question and answer site for Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts, oparated by StackExchange.


Bitcoin and Alts on Reddit

Reddit is also a great resource with several major bitcoin communities:

Bitcoin – A community dedicated to Bitcoin. A great source for news, technical info and much more.

BTC – The second bigest Bitcoin Reddit chanel.

BitcoinMarkets – Described as a place for sSharing of ideas, tips, and strategies for increasing Bitcoin trading profits.

CryptoMarkets – A community for cryptocurrencies trading , technical analysis, fundamentals, stratageis and more.

BitcoinMining – The official bitcoin mining forum.

litecoin – The main chanel for Litecoin discussion.

LitecoinTraders – Litecoin trading, advice from traders, technical analysis and more.

BitcoinStocks – Described as a place to discuss the wild wild west that is Bitcoin stocks.

BitMarket -Buying and selling almost anything for Bitcoin.


Bitcoin and Alts on Facebook

Facebook hosts many active bitcoin enthusiasts and groups, however many of these groups suffer from too much affiliate posts. Here are some of the more serious  groupes:

Bitcoin The largest Bitcoin group on Facebook. Content is approved before being posted.

Bitcoin NYC Another great Facebook group, including posts from the NYC Bitcoin Center.

Miami International Bitcoin A growing community of Bitcoiners in Florida.

Bitcoin Argentina A vibrante group and source of information in Spanish.

Bitcoin Brasil A big and active groupe with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies related discussions.

Bitcoin South Africa – A serious Bitcoin group that provides a lot of information in English.

Bitcoin Germany Most of the posts are in German and a few are in English.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in UK and Ireland Articles and open discussions.

Bitcoin Italia The articles posted in English but posts are in Italian.

Bitcoin Nederland Most Info on the group is in Dutch.

Bitcoin Valencia A good information source in English and Spanish.

Bitcoin Singapore One of the most interesting groups for people interested in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Philippines A big Facebook group, but mostly oriented to the Philippines region.


Bitcoin and Alts Blogs

CoinDesk – A leading blog on Bitcoin and blockchain News, charts and analysis. More than 50 posts per week with an active Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Cointelegraph – Another greate publication covering cryptocurrency, blockchain, apps and more.

CryptoCoins News – This Blog Provides Bitcoin and FinTech news focusing on blockchain technology.

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